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Zed Cézard is a non binary circus artist performer who practices light flying pole, rope, straps and physical theater. They won the "Coup de coeur du festival" and "Prix Spécial du Jury" prices at the 41ème Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain.

Regard artistique / Aide à la mise en scène: Christian HAREL

Conception lumière: Christophe DECOSTE LABELLE - Yoann GAUTIER


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"I like to thwart expectations and deconstruct common thought patterns. By surprise, to shift the boundaries that are played out within ourselves and in our relationships with others." 

Zed Cezard

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NEW ACT is out and available!!!

Double Z

Zed présente son nouveau numéro au sol dans un appareil unique au monde sorti tout droit de son imagination. Ce numéro parle de l'humanité, de la sensibilité et de la différence qui nous habite et qui finalement nous lie les un.e.s avec les autres, au delà de tout. Maintenant dipsonible pour représentation.

Zed presents their new floor act in a one-of-a-kind apparatus straight out of their imagination. This act talks about humanity, sensitivity and the difference that inhabits us and which ultimately binds us to each other, beyond everything. Now available for booking.

Click here for the video


Noli Timere Rebecca Lazier

In progress 

“It's artistically ambitious, has a really strong creative team, and will have both a national and international impact.” —Heather Moore, National Creation Fund, Executive Producer


Resilience Project Creation/Workshop/Film

Montréal    July 2023 

The goal of this film is to explore the topic of resilience through the lives and artistic practices of movement artists.


Them Fatale 

August 4th, 2023 

A Cabaret (Trans/ Non-Binary) composed of artists who do not conform to gender norms.


Le Monastère Cabaret de la fierté 

Montréal August 2023 

Overflowing with talent, creativity and imagination, we have given full freedom To a dozen artists from the Montreal and Quebec 2SLGBTQI+ community to express their brilliant visions.

Sexy, amazing and… a little quirky! This show will certainly dazzle you. As you hear the bells toll, step into communion with the circus arts for an evening full of sensations.


Rope & Straps classes

Weekly classes. Maximum 5 students per class. Contact me for booking.

Turnkey experience

Book me without hussle. All I need is a dark background and accomodation, I'm taking care of the rest. 

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